Mike Metcalf, Web Designer and Developer

Addicted to web design and development since 1998. Weapons of choice: Photoshop, Illustrator, XHTML, CSS, jQuery, & even a little Flash. I like video games, eSports, nutella, and my family.

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  • Bronze Lobber

    Battle of the Bronze

    conception, design, coding

    The Battle of the Bronze was a coaching showdown between me and a friend. The stakes were high, the blows were low.

  • Lobber Lobber

    Lobber’s Twitch Stream

    design, branding

    Lobber is an aspiring Starcraft 2 Pro Gamer. I volunteered to design his stream page to help him better establish himself as a serious player.

  • Flakwolf Flakwolf


    design, branding, ux, xhtml/css, jquery

    Flakwolf is a growing video game trading service. I analyzed, redesigned, and developed nearly 50 pages of information and user interface. jQuery is used extensively throughout the site.

  • Ryan J. Metcalf Ryan J. Metcalf

    Ryan J. Metcalf

    design, wordpress theme customization

    I designed this site for my very talented brother, Ryan Metcalf. He needed an online portfolio to present his work when he applied to Carbine Studios (where he is now presently employed).

  • Haiku-Tao Haiku-Tao

    The Haiku Tao Te Ching

    design, xhtml/css, jquery, flash, xml

    Tom Lang, the author of The Haiku Tao Te Ching was looking for a simple solution to sell his book online. This single page paypal site did just the trick. The haiku ticker uses flash/xml.

  • Waterford School Waterford School

    Waterford School

    analyzation, design, ux, xhtml/css, jquery

    I was commissioned by Waterford to help analyze their UI and redesign their internal portals and public facing site.

  • The Code Dojo The Code Dojo

    The Code Dojo

    design, xhtml/css, jquery

    I was given 100% creative liberty in designing Code Greene’s blog. Mark has a thing for Ninjas, so I had some fun turning Diavlo glyphs into typographical weapons!

  • Robert McArthur Studios Robert McArthur Studios

    Robert McArthur Studios

    design, xhtml/css, jquery, flash

    It’s always fascinating working with other artists from other fields, Robert was no exception. His experienced design skills proved invaluable throughout the design process.

  • Eliminate Paper Time Cards Eliminate Paper Time Cards

    Eliminate Paper Time Cards

    design, branding, xhtml/css, jquery

    Eliminate Paper Time Cards is a non-profit organization with a mission to reduce paper waste by providing alternative time-keeping solutions. Props to Tim Haslam for his WP magic.

  • Ideal Dentistry Ideal Dentistry

    Ideal Dentistry

    design, xhtml/css, jquery

    Ideal Dentistry is a small, state-of-the-art dental office in Kennewick, Washington. It was a fun challenge organizing all of the information Dr. Rowe wanted on the site in a concise way.

  • ReportTime ReportTime


    branding, ux design, analysis

    ReportTime is an up and coming time and attendance system for the web. I worked closely with the CEO to illustrate some solid UX for him to present to investors.

  • DegreeSearch DegreeSearch


    design, xhtml/css, prototype, lead optimization

    For two years I had the pleasure of working at Lead Media Partners where I helped plan, design, develop, and analyze their lead generation portals and technology.

  • Lead Media Partners Lead Media Partners

    Lead Media Partners

    xhtml/css, flash animation

    The creative director at LMP, Joseph LeBaron, laid out this storyboard for presenting our services and technology. I animated the boards in their entirety (gears, puzzles, arrows, slides, etc).

  • Studio 9 Studio 9

    Studio 9

    branding, design

    The studio’s owner traded me some recording time for my band in exchange for some design work, this is the result.

  • BattleLeague.tv Logo BattleLeague.tv Logo

    BattleLeague.tv logo


    BattleLeague.tv is a Starcraft 2 training league created by me and a few friends to help encourage learning, competition, and fun at every skill level.

  • Typology Typology

    Typology and Form

    typography, experimental

    An investigation into similarities between glyphs and real life objects.

  • Banelings IRL Banelings

    Banelings IRL

    design, starcraft, explosive insects

    When I learned that there were actually insects that explode to kill their enemies, I could resist putting this graphic together in honor of one of my favorite Starcraft 2 units, the baneling.

  • Motion Motion



    Limited to 6 square frames, this was an exercise in creating movement and interest without any animation. Source illustration via iStockphoto.

  • Quotebook Quotebook


    typography, experimental

    A collection of quotes from a variety of sources set in various fonts and forms to match the meaning of the quote.

  • Words

    experimental, typography

    A simple typographical exercise exploring words and their appropriate typefaces.

  • Trust in Chariots Logo


    Trust in Chariots is my former band. The torch is a symbolic reference to the biblical passage from which we named the band. The grunginess is symbolic of awesomeness.