Update: I replaced the live stream with the VOD (above)! After the matches, we received many requests from people asking how they could get involved in the next season. If you’re interested in coaching, being coached, casting, promoting, or otherwise participating, please email me at mike[at]mikemetcalf[dot]com or hit me up on Twitter! Thanks for watching! Timestamps for the VOD follow:

  • 0:00:00 Pre-game show & sound check
  • 0:06:20 Pre-game coach 1v1 cheese off
  • 0:09:40 Set up
  • 0:16:00 Game 1 - GSL Bel'shir Beach
  • 0:35:50 Game 2 - GSL Tal'Darim Altar
  • 0:56:10 Game 3 - MLG Xel'naga Caverns

Two months ago, two Starcraft warlords (and mortal enemies) decided to endow their powers upon two protégés. Tonight their heroes meet in an epic showdown in a best of 3
matchup to prove their courage and bring honor to their coaches.

The Players



Terran nerd baller. Obedient underling. Pink ranger.

Runner SC2


Programmer. Protoss harassment specialist. Runner (duh).

The Coaches



Diamond Protoss. eSports enthusiast. Evil tyrant.



Platinum Zerg. Web Designer. Streamer. Handsome nerd.

The Stakes

Honor aside, the winner of the matchup will earn his/her coach dinner at BlizzCon next weekend: courtesy of the rival coach.

The winner will also be awarded with a
GG button to proclaim their victory!

The Details

  • The matchup will occur on Wednesday, October 12, 2011 at 8PM, PST.
  • Winner determined by best of 3 games
  • Games will be co-casted by the coaches
  • Comment on the game on Twitter using hashtag #BronzeBattle
  • Join the chatroom on Twitch.tv